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Welcome Guitar Instructor, Greg Membrez!


Photo 1 300x225 Welcome Guitar Instructor, Greg Membrez!

Greg has a long history of music education, he started playing music when he was just a young boy in Kindergarten. The first instrument was Violin, which he played for a few years and then moved onto Piano. Greg continued to play Piano until 5th grade when he was allowed to join band and at that time he switched to Alto Saxophone. During all of this time, Greg hadn’t really found the right instrument. Greg’s father pushed him to be active musically, and he remembers hearing “once you hit 9th grade, you can stop playing music if you want”. Once 9th grade started he stopped playing the Saxophone and stayed away from playing until Junior year of high school. It was that summer that Greg’s father encouraged him to pick up the Guitar and take lessons.

Greg began taking music lessons for the summer and it didn’t take long for him to realize that playing guitar was what he wanted to do with his life. Greg now attends Mcnally Smith College of Music for guitar performance and has about one year left until he earns his Bachelors. Since attending Mcnally, he’s opened up to more and more music. Currently Greg listens to Jazz, Country, Classical, Rock, electronic and even Video game music. Greg has a passion for playing different styles of music as well, but his favorites are Solo classical guitar, American Fingerstyle, Fingerstyle Jazz, Rock, Video Game music and Gypsy Jazz. Greg recently started a video game music group in which he has been doing the arranging for along with an original band from school and a Gypsy Jazz group as well.

Greg is a wonderful performer whom will be a delight to students across the metro area. Lesson Match welcomes him to the team and can’t wait to hear from his students!

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Brad on September 2, 2010

I like the story, it reminds me of when I was a kid- I hated piano, I hate violin- but when I got my hands on that first guitar, man I fell in love! Now here I am trying to talk my kids into lessons 20 years later- I’m hoping I can schedule lessons with Greg!! He sounds perfect!

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