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Choosing the Right Instrument


Music lessons are great for kids for a number of reasons, but before choosing an instrument there are a few things to consider.

The size of the instrument can be a deciding factor depending on where your child needs this instrument.? If your child is going to be taking band classes at school, then a larger instrument, like a baritone sax, may not be the right choice.? Also consider if your home has room for a piano or drum set, as these can take up quite a bit of space.

If your child is unsure of what instrument they want to play, then you can ask them a few questions to figure out what instrument would be right for them.? If they dislike classical music then lessons in guitar or drums may be more for them.? Love jazz music?? Then you might consider trumpet or saxophone lessons.? Many famous musicians will say that they decided to play that particular instrument because their idol (Louis Armstrong, Jimi Hendrix etc.) played it.? Mimicking an idol can be a good way to begin playing an instrument.

Cost is another big issue to consider before choosing an instrument.? If you have an old piano in your living room, then piano lessons might be a good place to start before investing in a new instrument.? Some instruments also cost less than others, such as, trumpet or clarinet.

The piano is by far the most popular instrument that young students learn to play.? That is because the piano is a great way to begin learning about music; the basic theories and practices of music are easily seen on a piano or keyboard.? Piano students can become familiar with the chords and harmonic structure in a way that is not easily attainable with other instruments.? If you?re not sure what instrument to start your child on, the piano is a good choice.? In fact, many school band instructors prefer students that have a background in piano.

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