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Keep Kids Interested in Music Lessons


Most kids at one point or another are going to want to quit taking music lessons.? Kids get distracted easily and will want to quit if they?re not seeing quick results.? A lot of parents will allow their child to quit because they think playing an instrument should be their children?s choice.? It?s great to give kids a choice, but inevitably years later, the kids are going to wish their parents had made them stick with lessons.? How many kids out there also say they want to drop out of school or eat cereal for every meal of the day?? Parents often don?t allow those things to happen and odds are the kids are thankful later when they graduate and have healthy eating habits.? The same thing applies with music lessons.? Force your kids to keep it up, maybe at least for a year, and see if they change their mind.? The quitting phase will usually pass and the child will be glad they stuck with it.

Start them young and on the piano. Starting kids young, on the piano, is a good way to get them interested in music.? It?s easy for kids to pick up other instruments (especially string instruments) if they already know how to play the piano.? Children as young as four can start taking piano lessons and learning the basics of music.

Branch out. Find other children in the area that play the same instrument as your child.? Children love doing things in groups and will be more excited about practicing.? Practicing an instrument is the only way to improve, and the better a child becomes at playing an instrument, the more likely they are to stick with it.

Take advantage of summer vacation. School vacations are a great time to enroll your children in a summer music program that offers more than just typical lessons.? It?s essential to keep with the private music lessons to be sure your child is getting the one-on-one help that they need, but a class where they can interact with other students and learn more than just the basics of music is a great way to change things up and keep children interested.? Most schools offer summer school programs and there should be some type of music program they can enroll in.

Stay involved! Staying interested in your child?s musical evolution is a great way to show them you care.? Children love when they are good at something and it helps when parents praise them and are genuinely interested in their lives.? Ask your child how music lessons are going: if they?re struggling with anything, what they like most, if they learned any new songs etc.? Talking about music and praising your child?s hard work will make them want to excel and continue learning.

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