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Why Music Lessons Are Important For Kids


Music lessons allow children to be creative and explore new parts of their mind.? Music is an art form, and much like drawing and painting, it can be used as a way for children to express themselves and gain self-confidence.? Music lessons are shown to stimulate the brain on many levels and enhance children?s learning abilities.

Music is an academic. Learning to read music helps children in school because they are developing the skills necessary to recognize patterns and enhance reading comprehension.? A study done by E. Glenn Schellenberg of the University of Toronto at Mississauga found that 6-year olds that learned to play piano scored an average of 2.6 points higher on IQ tests than those who did not learn to play an instrument (many other studies have been done on children and music and show similar results).? Playing the piano helped these children to learn to think three-dimensionally which helps in problem solving and mathematics.

Many parents encourage their children to draw and be creative, and music lessons are another outlet for children to channel their creativity.? Along with creativity and self-expression, learning to play an instrument can help with a child?s confidence level.? There are many different instruments out there and odds are your child will excel with one of them.? Playing an instrument well will greatly improve your child?s confidence level.? Kids and adults alike love to rise to a new challenge and overcome it and learning to play an instrument well may be the challenge that your child needs.

Learning to play an instrument improves hand-eye coordination and other motor skills necessary for everyday life.? Music lessons also force kids to concentrate, which is another skill they will use all the time.

Although your child may never become a concert pianist or a rockstar, they will carry their knowledge of an instrument and music with them for life.? Most of our grandparents may not be able to throw a football across the yard, but they can still sing and play the piano.? Music is a gift that will stay will your child forever and eventually they will thank you for giving it to them.

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