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Switching Instruments


Worried that less than a year ago you shelled out big bucks on an instrument for your child and now they want to switch to a different instrument?? Children can be fickle with their decisions, but instrument switching doesn?t have to be a bad thing.? Many musicians started out playing one instrument, but later discovered a passion for a completely different instrument.

Make sure your child is certain they want to switch instruments before going out and buying a completely new instrument.? Children change their minds easily and their reason for switching may not be their own, maybe one of their friends is learning to play the oboe so now your child wants to switch from guitar lessons to oboe lessons.? See if you can rent the instrument that your child wants to switch to and let them get a feel for it before you allow them to completely switch.? Your child may think the oboe looks cooler than the guitar, but once they?re actually holding it they may realize they don?t like it.

Many parents begin their children with piano lessons because it is an easy instrument to begin learning and switch from later in life.? The piano teaches basic music skills that will make it easier to switch to a different instrument.? If you?re worried your child might be an instrument switcher, then start them on piano lessons and let them decide later if they would like to continue with piano lessons or take up an entirely new instrument.

Making up for lost time can be a concern with many parents when their child expresses interest in switching instruments.? When children first learn to play an instrument, they may not care as much about practicing or learning to play the instrument.? If they express interest in switching to a different instrument, they usually want to learn to play it, so they will be much more apt to practice and actually learn to play this new instrument.? Much like learning multiple languages, the lessons from the first instrument serve as instruction for the new one.

At one point or another, your child is going to want to quit music lessons.? This may actually be a good time to suggest instrument switching.? If you started your child on the guitar because the guitar is one of your passions, maybe you should see if there?s another instrument out there that your child would be more interested in playing.

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