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Why Take Vocal Lessons


Have you thought about taking vocal lessons but can?t seem to warrant learning something as easy as singing.? Your voice is an instrument just like a piano or violin; you need to learn to play it well.? Everyone?s been that person in a bar, all your friends are singing karaoke, and sure, most of them are not good, but you?re still nervous because you don?t think you have a good voice.? Vocal lessons can teach you how to hit those high notes and sing in tune.? Vocal lessons don?t see the same popularity as piano lessons because many people think a great singing voice is something you?re born with, and that may be true, if you?re Christina Aguilera.? However, if you?re an average person, some vocal lessons might be needed to fine tune you?re instrument.

Listening Actually listening to the music and learning to mimic it is something most people need to be taught.? It can be difficult to hit the high notes Mariah Carey hits on the radio, but that?s because you need to practice and learn how to hit those notes.? Correct breathing techniques are essential to singing on key and holding notes.? Those techniques are something a vocal instructor can teach.

Vibrato I?m sure everyone has heard of this, but may not know what it is.? Vibrato is a technique that consists of a pulsating change of pitch (regular or rapid) and it is used in singing as well as other instruments.? All voices possess the ability to produce a vibrato; however, most people need to be taught.

Improve Self-Confidence Back to the karaoke scenario.? At least once in your life you?re going to be in a situation where you have to get on stage and sing in front of a group of people.? Wouldn?t it be great to get up there and not be afraid of what?s going to come out of your mouth?? Many people are self-conscious about their singing voice and vocal lessons can help.

Self Expression Singing is a great to way to express how you?re feeling.? You can belt out a song filled with sorrow, joy, anger etc. and instantly feel better.? TV shows like Glee show the characters expressing themselves through song rather than dialogue because sometimes songs can express how you?re feeling better than your words can.

Posture One of the most important aspects of great singing is posture!? Your lungs can fill with air if you?re slouching and you look more confident standing tall.? Singing encourages body awareness and the ability to recognize poor posture.? Poor posture is not only a bad for your singing voice, it?s bad for your back and body.? Learning to correctly stand to sing well promotes good posture in everyday life.

Vocal lessons are designed to help students perfect their own singing voices, not change them.? Everyone has a distinct sound to their voice, whether they recognize it or not.? Your voice doesn?t have to be as memorable as Elvis Presley?s because it?s still distinct.? How many times do you answer the phone and instantly know who you?re talking to because you recognize that voice saying ?Hello??? Everyone has a distinct sound to their voice and vocal lessons aren?t going to change that, they?ll just perfect it.

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