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10 Practice Tips for Musicians


1.?? ?Prepare: Prepare your body for a practice session by stretching.? Tight muscles can become tense during a long practice session so make sure you are properly stretched out to avoid any discomfort.

2.?? ?Practice Area: Choose a quiet place where you can practice without distractions or disturbances.

3.?? ?Commit: Commit to practicing a certain amount of time each week.? It doesn?t have to be every day, but setting goals will assure you practice enough.

4.?? ?Practice: Find out what works for you, whether it?s practicing everyday for a short period of time or a few days a week for longer periods.? Although studies show that practicing for 20 minutes every day is more effective for learning; that may not be what works best for you.

5.?? ?Metronome: Always practice with a metronome!? This assures you are playing at a consistent tempo and makes your music sound professional.

6.?? ?Tune: Always tune your instrument before playing it.? If you?re instrument is your voice, then always be sure to warm up before singing.

7.?? ?Moderation: Don?t try to learn too many things in a single practice session.? Taking on too much could overwhelm and discourage you.? Take things one step at a time.

8.?? ?Practice: Don?t just practice the parts you know, tackle the more difficult parts.? This may sound like a no-brainer, but it?s easier for people to play what they know because it has instant reward.? The reward will be much greater though once you learn something new.

9.?? ?Warm Up: Split your practice time between playing songs and exercises.? Sometimes you need a break from constantly playing songs, and doing exercises is a good way to keep yourself balanced.

10.?? ?Play: Set aside sometime to just play with your instrument.? This is a great way to learn every aspect of your instrument and develop new techniques.

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