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10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Practice Session


1.?? ?Choose a place that you feel comfortable in, whether that?s the dining room, living room, etc.? Try to choose a place that you?ll be able to hold you?re practice sessions every week.

2.?? ?Choose a place where you?ll be able to practice every day.? Even if you don?t practice daily, pick someplace where you?ll at least have the opportunity to practice daily if you choose.

3.?? ?Pick someplace quiet and free of distractions.? Practicing outside may sound like fun, but you?re more likely to become distracted by the world around you.

4.?? ?While it?s important to rid the room you?re practicing in of distractions, be sure to choose a place that you cannot be easily interrupted by others.? Don?t practice in a room that all other family members have to travel through on a regular basis.

5.?? ?Try to have your private music lessons and your practice sessions in the same place.? Creating a routine can help to eliminate distractions because your mind will know that when you?re in this specific place it?s practice time.

6.?? ?Lighting is important.? Dim lighting can cause a strain on your eyes while trying to read music.

7.?? ?Try to schedule your lessons depending on what time of year it is.? In the summer, you?re probably not going to want to be stuck inside during prime tanning and swimming hours, so choose an earlier practice time.? In the winter, it?s warmer in the afternoons and people usually like to sleep in during the dark winter months so a later practice time might be more efficient.

8.?? ?Keep nourishment close by.? Getting up every few minutes to get a glass of water is distracting and will deter from your practice time.? Small breaks add up and in the end you will have practiced less.

9.?? ?Set aside a few minutes before each practice session to rid your mind of all other things you may be thinking about.

10.?? ?Find a comfortable chair!? Seems silly, but you?ll be sitting in the same place for about an hour and comfort is important, just think of how difficult it is to focus while sitting on those hard chairs at school.

Good luck creating your own perfect practice session!

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