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With school coming to a start, there?s no better time to enroll in music lessons! Music lessons are great for kids because it encourages them to be creative and express themselves. Kids who take music lessons show greater improvement in reading and math skills than children who do not plan an instrument.

Why you should choose LessonMatch.
LessonMatch is a unique music school that offers private in-home lessons. The teachers go through a rigorous five-step interview and audition process to insure they?re the most skilled and talented at their craft. LessonMatch holds two recitals per year for students interested in performing for an audience.

What makes LessonMatch different from other schools?
At LessonMatch, we do not require new students to sign a contract. This is great for parents and students who are not sure they want to commit to a years worth of lessons, or who would just like to give lessons a try. Our cancellation process at LessonMatch also sets us apart from other schools. We do not have a cancellation fee and students have six weeks to complete any make-up lessons.

We come to you!
No more rushing around to studios after work or school because the LessonMatch teachers come to you! All of our lessons are taught in the comfort of your own home; and yes, it?s safe! All of our teachers undergo an extensive interview and audition process, a background check and reference check and are required to have a degree (or equivalent teaching experience) in music or education.

Sign up for LessonMatch now! There?s no better time to enroll your children in music lessons!

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