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Finding the Right Teacher


The right teacher can make all the difference in children developing a passion for music or quitting lessons as soon as their parents will let them.? It?s important to find a teacher that can work well with individual students.

It is important for teachers to click with the students they are teaching.? A teacher may be nice and talented, but if he/she does not fit well with a student; then it?s time to look for another teacher. Before allowing a child to quit music lessons, try out a different teacher and see if that helps.

These days children are just as busy as adults and music lessons are probably not the only thing they have going on after school.? It?s important for a teacher to figure out the rate in which a student will learn.? The teacher needs to work with the student?s schedule and realize that not all students will be able to have as much practice time outside of lessons as others.

It?s not only the parent?s job to motivate students; teachers need to play a big part in student motivation as well.? Teachers should be able to find what motivates individual students and use that to get them excited about practicing their instrument outside of lessons.

Private or Group Lessons.
Music class is a great way for students to practice their instrument, but unless they?re getting one on one time, it should not be the only way they are learning.? Private lessons allow students to get music lessons customized to their specific needs and learning rate.

Trust your instincts! If a student or parent is thinking about switching teachers, the answer is almost always that you should.? It?s better to find a new teacher before a child finds a new interest.

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