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What to Do If You Hit a Plateau


Hitting a plateau is a very common thing to happen.? Sometime we improve very quickly and other times we feel like we?re not going anywhere.? It?s easy to get discouraged when this happens, but remember this is only temporary.? Here are a few things to try to break through this musical blockage:

Keep playing icon confused What to Do If You Hit a Plateau The key to getting off a plateau is to just keep practicing and playing your instrument.? This may seem like a no-brainer, but it?s easy to become frustrated and quit playing all together because you feel like you?re not going anywhere.

Challenge yourself icon confused What to Do If You Hit a Plateau You may have hit this plateau because you?re not being challenged enough with the music you?re playing.? Pick harder songs to learn or try some skill-intensive exercises that challenge you.

Change it up icon confused What to Do If You Hit a Plateau If you?ve been mostly doing music exercises to improve you?re skill then maybe it?s time to take a break from the exercises and try to play through some songs.? Likewise, if you?ve been only playing songs then try some exercises to learn some new techniques.

Play icon confused What to Do If You Hit a Plateau If you don?t feel like you?re learning anything new then take a step back and just have some fun.? Play some songs that you like, but try to pick some that may be a little more difficult.? Try jamming with some friends and take a break from intense learning. ?This is still practicing and will improve your speed and ability.

Be patient icon confused What to Do If You Hit a Plateau Learning to play an instrument can often be like watching a pot of water boil; it seems like nothing is happening and all of the sudden the water is boiling.? You may not think that you?re getting anywhere, but it takes time to learn new things.? Just because you may have seem great leaps in your learning before doesn?t mean that?s always going to happen.

If you?ve hit a plateau then that means you?ve gotten all you can out of your current strategies.? If you really feel like you can?t get off this plateau then take some time off from playing and come back to it.? Learning a new instrument is sometimes difficult, but most people hit a plateau at some point or another.

Don’t give up! You will get off your plateau!

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