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LessonMatch Welcomes Andrea DeOtis!

Duluth 2010

Music has been a part of Andrea DeOtis?s life for as long as she can remember.? She started playing the clarinet when she was 10 years old and fell in love with it instantly.? She has played various types of clarinets, including the bass clarinet.? When Andrea was a teenager she taught herself how to play the flute because it was an instrument she had always wanted to learn.? Her freshmen year of high school Andrea was a part of the Robbinsdale City Marching Band.? She also played in the Robbinsdale City Concert Band.? During college, Andrea decided to take on the alto-sax.? Throughout her life, Andrea has enjoyed playing her instruments in musicals and in church.

This is not Andrea?s first time teaching private music lessons; during the summers she has taught lessons in the Orono School District.? Her goal is to help her students achieve their fullest potential and won?t let them settle for anything less than their best.? Andrea is a talented musician and looks forward to teaching her skills to new students.

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