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Making the Most of Music Lessons


Once you or your child has decided to take music lessons, it?s important to figure out how to make the most out of lessons.? 30-60 minute weekly lessons are going to fly by so it?s important to maximize that time with the instructor.

Find the right instructor.
While all instructors may be qualified, that does not mean they are all right for you or your child.? When teachers and students don?t click, valuable learning time can be lost.? Working with the right teacher will help students get the most out of their lessons.? Here at LessonMatch, we have a wide variety of teachers so all students are sure to make a connection with someone.

Start at the right age.
For adults it?s easy; their success depends on their commitment to lessons and practice.? For kids it?s a little different.? If a child is put into lessons too soon then they may feel overwhelmed and get a bad taste for that instrument or music lessons in general.? There is no right age that applies to all children.? It all depends on how developed and focused your child is.? However, many teachers do have a minimum age limit before they will begin lessons.

Be prepared.
Take a few minutes before each lesson to relax your voice or hands for playing music.? Make sure you?re in a place where you feel comfortable and can focus during your lesson.

Practicing outside of lessons is a must to succeed in learning an instrument.? Practicing between lessons helps because students can figure out what they?re having trouble learning and bring these concerns to the teacher?s attention.? Private lessons give students the ability to customize lessons to fit their specific learning style and pace, so don?t be afraid to tell the teacher if you?re having trouble with something.

Have fun!
Music shouldn?t be a chore for anyone!? Music is something people keep with them and enjoy their entire lives.? Deadlines and unrealistic expectations will not make you or your child a better musician.? The main thing to remember about music lessons is to always enjoy the musical journey.

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