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How to Motivate Kids During Music Lessons


Determining a student?s level of motivation early on in music lessons helps to avoid pitfalls later.? Asking simple questions during the first lesson can determine what value a student places on learning.
??? ?Why do you want to take music lessons?
??? ?How many days a week do you expect to practice?
??? ?What do you want to achieve with music lessons?
??? ?What are your favorite types of music?
If these answers lead you to believe the student is not interested in music lessons, that does not mean they aren?t ready to learn an instrument, it just means the teacher is going to have to use different motivation techniques.

Keep kids interested.
Kids work harder if they?re interested in what they?re learning.? Pick out a few appropriate level pieces and let the student choose which piece they would like to learn.? A student will work harder at this piece because they chose to learn it.

Support and encouragement.
Parental support can be the difference between a student keeping up with music lessons and quitting.? Kids need to feel encouragement from their parents and teachers to feel like they?re accomplishing something.

Manageable learning.
Break down the more complex material into more manageable parts so the student is not overwhelmed.? If a student looks at a piece of music and can tell it?s more difficult than what they?re used to, then they could become discouraged.? It?s the teacher?s job to make the?music seem possible to learn.

Short-term goals.
Set attainable short-term goals for the student to achieve.? If a student feels like they are actually accomplishing something they will become motivated to achieve more difficult goals.

Different techniques.
Have a student try various techniques to figure out what works best for them.? Be sure they know that just because a specific strategy works for their friend, it will not necessarily work for them.

All students need different types of motivation, but as the teacher, it?s your job to get to know your student and what works for them.

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