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Tips to Avoid Becoming Discouraged


Realizing the difference between the level you play an instrument at and the level you would like to be at can be discouraging.? Learning to play an instrument takes time.? Results will happen; you just need to be patient.? It is important to stay positive and realize that you?re learning a difficult task and everyone learns things at a different pace.? Children and adults both get discouraged, but often for different reasons.? These tips to avoid discouragement can be tailored to keep you or your children from becoming discouraged.

Realize where you are.? Realize how far you have come with your lessons and focus on that.? Accept the abilities and skills you have developed and realize you are still learning.? People tend to focus on where they want to be rather than where they are.? Be proud of what you have accomplished.

Look to the future.? While it is important to focus on how far you?ve come, it?s also important not to lose sight of your goal.? Realize how far you have come and what it?s going to take to go all the way.

Look elsewhere for inspiration.? Others have accomplished exactly what you would like to, so look to them for inspiration.? Try to avoid comparing yourself to them simply because they have already accomplished what you would like to; instead realize that these other people went through the same things you?re going through now and they persevered.

Learning to play an instrument is a difficult journey that comes with great reward.? People keep their music skills with them for the rest of their lives.? Most people will become discouraged at one point or another but it?s important to have patience and keep at it.? Everyone wants the accomplishment without the effort, but for most of us, that?s not realistic.? With the right determination and effort, anyone can arrive at their desired destination, just take things one step at a time.

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