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Tips for Buying Used Musical Instruments


Buying a full priced instrument can be a big investment, especially if you?re not completely sure you want to learn the instrument.? There are tons of musical instruments out there and chances are you won?t like the first instrument you pick up.? Buying used instruments can be a great way to save money, however, there are a few risks involved in purchasing a used instrument.

Be aware of who and where you?re buying the instrument. If you?re buying an instrument at a garage sale, see if you can talk to the owner of the instrument and find out why they are selling it or how long it was used.? If you?re buying a used instrument online, be sure to read some customer reviews or make sure they have a good customer satisfaction rating.? Try to ask as many questions as possible from the person you?re buying the instrument from.

Bring along a friend who knows a lot about music/musical instruments.
A musician would be able to help you determine the overall condition of the instrument.? He/she would also know what types of questions to ask the seller.

Make sure you?re getting your money?s worth. Before buying a used instrument, make sure what you?re paying for the instrument is worth it.? Find out how much that particular instrument sells for brand new, or how much others are selling it for used.

Spend some time looking at the instrument. If an instrument has significant external damage, chances are it will have some internal damage as well.?? With some instruments, like the keyboard, you should play the instrument before purchasing.? Both examining the external condition and playing the instrument can tell you a lot about the instrument.

Don?t be in a hurry! Spend some time looking into different options.? Learn to tell the difference between broken instruments and used instruments that are nearly new.? Taking your time will also allow you to ensure you?re getting a good quality used instrument for a decent price.

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