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10 Benefits of Music Lessons


1.?? ?Early involvement in music helps the brain develop in areas of language and reasoning.? Recent studies have shown that early exposure to music helps develop the left side of the brain, the part that is involved with language processing.

2.?? ?Studies have found a link between music and a person?s ability to see the world and create mental pictures.? This enhanced ability helps children in mathematics and problem solving.

3.?? ?Students that play an instrument are shown to perform better on standardized testing, like the SATs/ACTs.? They also achieve higher grades in school than students who do not play an instrument or take music lessons.

4.?? ?Children who take music lessons are typically more interested learning about other cultures.? Music education usually requires students to study music and practices of other cultures leading to an interest in other cultures.

5.?? ?Students who take music lessons are shown to strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives.? If they become committed to music early in life, their drive to excel in music caries over to other areas of their lives.

6.?? ?Music study teaches children about hard work and discipline.? Children learn that they must work hard and practice their instrument if they want to succeed in playing that instrument.

7.?? ?Playing an instrument teaches children how to be confident performing in front of other people.? This is a skill that will help them later in life at school and in the work place.

8.?? ?Children who take music lessons understand the importance of ?doing? rather than observing.? Music lessons teach children how to be hands-on and take charge.

9.?? ?Reading music and learning an instrument forces children to concentrate on what they?re doing.? Without knowing it, children are multitasking by interpreting a note and rhythm and translating it into hand movements, then moving on to the next note.? Children?s multitasking and concentration skills will benefit greatly from music lessons.

10.?? ?Music lessons are shown to raise children?s self esteem because they can be proud of themselves for accomplishing something difficult.? Once they learn to play that first piece of music, they will feel like they can do anything.

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