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10 Things Musicians Should Avoid


Like all other things in this world, there are things you should and shouldn?t do in the music industry.? Becoming a successful musician is definitely a possibility for people if they work hard and avoid a few things that can harm their musical future.

1. Procrastination. If you?re constantly saying ?I?ll practice later? then you?re never going to perfect your instrument or your music.? If you?re thinking about practicing, get up and do it.? You won?t get anywhere by putting things off until the last minute.

2. Drinking and Smoking. While these may seem like two requirements to become a successful musician, they actually harm your music.? Smoking can cause a musician to lose his/her voice during a show and drinking can cause a terrible hangover that interferes with a gig.

3. Stress. Musicians should always try to avoid stress!? Stress can cause fatigue, which severely affects your music and sound.? During a gig, if you?re stressed or tired, you might be a little slow hitting a note and ruin the whole song.? Fatigue also blocks your mind so you?re not able to be creative and write new music.

4. Not setting goals. Goals are what keep people motivated to succeed.? Everyone, including musicians should set goals in their life.

5. Not having the right priorities. If you want to be a successful musician, then music should be a top priority.? However, don?t let music take over you?re life.? Friends and family need to be a priority as well.

6. Playing only ?popular? music. Don?t only play the type of music you think people want to hear.? Play the music you want to play and if others like it, then great.? If not, then at least you?re doing something you?re passionate about and can be proud of that.

7. Not giving enough time to music. Becoming a successful musician takes tons of practice!? Even if you?ve mastered your instrument and your songs, you should still take time to write new music or learn new techniques.? There?s always more to learn.

8. Waiting to be ?discovered.? If you?re just sitting around waiting for someone to discover your talent, then you?ll probably wait a long time.? There are many ways to become known in the music industry.? Try applying for gigs or making demo CDs of your music to get your band recognized.

9. Plagiarizing. This is a big no-no even outside the music industry.? People are always looking for something new and if you?re copying someone else?s music then you won?t be unique and probably won?t become successful.

10. Giving up. Even famous musicians didn?t make it big right away.? Music takes trial and error before you find your sound and niche.? It?s easy to become discouraged and give up, but remember to keep trying.? Eventually you?ll make it! icon smile 10 Things Musicians Should Avoid

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