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10 Tips for Buying a New Piano


New pianos are a big investment; so before going out and buying the first piano you see, there are a few things to consider.


1.? Shop around. Pianos are not all the same and every one will not be right for you.? Make sure and look at as many pianos as you can before making a decision.? Always remember to play and inspect a any instrument before you buy it!
2. Placement. Make sure you have a space ready for your new piano before you buy it.? Factors such as room size, carpeting etc. will make a difference in how it sounds.? When buying a piano, be conscious of the space you?re going to put the it in; if you?re not sure how a piano would sound in your space, don?t be afraid to ask.
3. Moving. Before purchasing a piano, find out who is responsible for moving it.? Private retailers usually expect you (the buyer) to do the moving yourself, while large piano manufacturers will often handle the moving for you.? Always remember to hire professionals to assist with the moving.? Moving a piano by yourself will cause expensive damage to your new instrument.
4. Hire a professional. Having a professional help you choose a piano is a good idea if you don?t know a whole lot about pianos.
5. Play. Don?t be afraid to play and test the piano thoroughly before you buy it to be sure it is in good condition.
6. Age. Pianos have a long life span (30-60 years), so don?t be turned off if a piano is 20 years old, it could still be in pristine condition.
7. Be cautious. If a seller is trying to turn your attention to the new finish on the exterior of the piano rather than telling you about the life of it, be suspicious.? This is a common trick to distract buyers from actual problems with the instrument.
8. Initial call. Before taking the time to drive over and look at a piano, call the seller and get some background information about the piano.? Information like age and value of the piano will help you decide whether or not to actually take time to look at the piano.
9. Tune. Before taking lessons with your new piano, be sure that it is properly tuned.? Practicing on an out of tune piano will get you nowhere.
10. Price. Plan on spending at least $100 on moving and tuning the piano (this is on top of the cost of the piano).? Don?t try to save money by moving the piano yourself when a professional piano mover can safely move it.

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