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Announcing Cole Mickelson on Guitar!

Cole Mickelson

Cole Mickelson was raised on a small family grain farm in northwestern Minnesota.? He grew up listening to his father play mandolin and guitar; it was here that his love for music began.? Despite his father?s love of music, Cole didn?t pick up a guitar until the age of 17.? He then spent most of his time studying with his father and several ensemble groups.? Cole moved to the Twin Cities in 2004 to learn more about music and enrolled in McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul.

While studying at McNally Smith, Cole had opportunities to practice and perform a wide range of music, including jazz, country, pop and funk.? He has been lucky enough to study with some of the area?s greatest players and educators.? He spent two years touring the Midwest with popular country bands.? Now, Cole is focused on playing pop and jazz in local ensembles.

In the past year, Cole has kept busy in the local music scene, performing several times a week at venues such as the 7th Street Entry, Sauce(Cause) and the 331 Club.? As a member of folk-rock group ?Skittish,? Cole played at the South-by-Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas this past spring.? The band was also featured on Kare 11?s local show last winter.? In addition to live performance, Cole enjoys recording music and has been featured on several local artists? albums.? He is also a staple guitarist at Cornerstone Church in Crystal, MN.? Above all else, Cole enjoys learning more about music and playing with new musicians.

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