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Will Dental Braces Interfere With Music Lessons?


These days the majority of kids are going to need braces at some point in their life, and depending on how old they are, this could be right in the middle of learning an instrument.? A common fear among children about getting braces is that they will not be able to continue with their instrument of choice.? Here are some common questions parents have about braces and musical instruments.

Will braces interfere with my child?s music lessons?
If students have braces put on once they?ve already started music lessons, this can make playing the instrument a little uncomfortable.? However, with patience and practice, they?ll be able to adapt and continue with lessons like nothing?s changed.? During the first week or so, there will be some discomfort in their mouths (this could lead to cuts or canker sores).? If your child already has braces on and would like to begin music lessons, they should be able to learn just fine as they have had no practice without the braces.

How does putting dental wax on the brackets help?
Dental braces can be tough on the mouth when they?re first put on.? The sharp ends of the wires and pointed parts can cause cuts and sores in the mouth, which can make playing an instrument especially difficult.? Most orthodontists will recommend putting dental wax on the sharp parts of the braces; this helps to reduce irritation when playing an instrument.

Should I switch my child to an instrument that they don?t have to put in their mouth?
There is absolutely no need to force your child to switch instruments if they already love their brass or woodwind instrument.? If they didn?t like their instrument to begin with, this might be a good opportunity to have them try out the guitar or piano.? Braces don?t have to completely disrupt your children?s lives?; with enough practice they?ll be able to play any instrument they would like.

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