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Group Piano Lessons


Beginning piano students often take private lessons right from the start because parents are not aware piano lessons can be taught in a group setting.? The piano has a reputation of being an instrument people play individually; however, when done correctly, piano lessons can be a great way for beginners to learn.

Here are some advantages of taking group piano lessons:

Longer class times
Since multiple students are learning, lessons are often offered for an hour at the rate of a half hour class.? This is because students are not getting the individual attention they would receive at a private lesson.

Group activities
Group lessons are ideal for learning basic concepts such as rhythm and counting.? Children tend to retain these concepts better because they are presented in a fun way.? Children like to learn if learning is fun.

Ensemble skills
Group lessons deal more with ensemble pieces that can be played in parts.? Students learn how to play and perform in a group, a skill they will need for school bands.

Low stress
Not all students in beginning piano lessons will have the same skills as their peers.? This results in low-key lessons where students will not feel embarrassed because they don?t yet have the skills needed to play piano well.? Students taking group lessons can also learn from other students how to effectively practice and perfect their technique.

While group piano lessons might be a great idea for some students, they will not work for everyone.? Find out what your child?s learning ability is and if they would benefit more from individual or group lessons.? If you?re not sure which type of lesson would be best for your child, you can always consult an instructor.? At LessonMatch we have instructors that teach both individual and group lessons and they love helping parents find the ideal lesson plan for their child.

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