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Lesson Match Welcomes Wendy Pace!


Hi! I grew up with music all around me, playing piano since I was five, and later the flute during my school years. After working in the business field for several years, I realized my heart was with music and children, and I went on to complete my Bachelors and Masters in Music Education at the University of South Carolina. I love all types and styles of music, and love guiding young and young at heart in developing a lifelong foundation of musicianship. I also love to sing, and while teaching elementary music I saw the joy that singing, movement, and singing games brought to the students in my classroom. I use these elements in every class. My curriculum is called ?Music Moves For Piano?, and is designed to develop musical thinkers and keyboard performers through the ?sound to notation? method. It is a?new piano?series for the 21st century that builds on?Orff, Kodaly, Suzuki, and Dalcroze and applies Edwin E. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory ?to the teaching of piano. It is a sequential learning process that guides students how to hear music with understanding, providing a solid foundation for developing music literacy.

In Music Moves for Piano students learn to:

  • Improvise, play by ear, transpose, and harmonize
  • Compose, arrange, read, and write music notation
  • Sing?and?play?- accompany singers?and instrumentalists
  • Perform?with comfort and fluency in a variety of social settings
  • Play with technical ease and freedom from muscular tension
  • Listen to and perform music with understanding?-?students?audiate
  • Become independent music thinkers

Lesson activities are organized around four specific areas of musical development:

1. Audiation skills ( ability to think musically with understanding) using singing, chanting, moving, and pattern instruction.

2. Keyboard?geography and technique

3. Keyboard exploration, creativity, and improvisation

4. Book/ listening assignments.

This program is ideal for families with two or more siblings ages 4 to 10 yrs old wishing to take lessons. Private instruction time overlaps with partner activities, movement activities, and playing duets together. Single children will also love the purposeful activities and creative approach to music making. All children are guided in musical experiences that foster a lifelong love of music making.

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