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Moving a Piano


While a piano may seem like another piece of furniture easily moved from one room to another with some force, it is not.? The piano is a delicate instrument and if damaged can result in hundreds to thousands of dollars in repair.? Here are a few things to consider before moving your piano.

Room to room
Before moving a piano from one room to another, really decide if it needs to be moved.? Pianos weigh hundreds of pounds and are not easy to move.? Think about when you?re moving the couch (typically about 100lbs.) and something happens and you accidentally drop the couch.? No big deal right?? Now think about the same thing happening when moving a piano (300-1,500lbs.).? Piano legs are the most likely thing to get damaged and can be high cost to get fixed.? A simple drop of the piano can result in external and internal damage.? Instead of planning on moving the piano, really think about where you?re going to put it before it arrives.? Pianos should be placed in a room where there are little or no drafts, directly out of sunlight to avoid discoloration and in a place where humidity is low because high humidity can cause your piano to go out of tune faster.? If you have to move the piano to a different room, make sure you have plenty of strong people to help you.

New house
Obviously if you?re moving to a new house then you?ll need to move the piano, but consider hiring a professional piano mover.? Professional piano movers have moved pianos before and know how to do so successfully without damaging your piano.? Moving a piano a long distance without the help professionals can result in damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair (usually it?s cheaper to buy a new piano than to have it rebuilt).? Hiring a professional may cost a little money now, but it will save you lots of money down the road if you damage your piano.

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