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How Young is too Young for Vocal Lessons


Kids love to sing.? They sing along with the radio and TV, they sing while doing chores, they even sing in the bathtub; but does that mean they should begin formal vocal lessons?? As with most other instruments, there is no ?right? age to begin vocal lessons.? However, there are a few things to consider before enrolling your child in vocal lessons.

The voice is a diverse and delicate instrument because it?s one you cannot fix or replace if you wreck it.? Young children?s voices are still developing all the way until puberty and formal vocal lessons can harm their vocal cords.? Most teachers have different ideas about what age is appropriate to begin vocal lessons, but typically 12 is a good age to begin serious vocal lessons.? If your child has developed younger than that, then it might be possible to find a teacher willing to take on younger students, but make sure to find a teacher that has experience teaching young children and understands that a child?s voice is delicate.? When teaching younger students, teachers should be able to provide breathing instruction and teach children how not to abuse the vocal cords; but they should not work on expanding the vocal range, this can cause permanent damage to a child?s vocal cords.

Children can certainly begin vocal lessons as young as 4 and 5, but these lessons would focus more on singing with others and beginning breathing techniques.? Children?s choirs are a great way to immerse young children into the world of music.? Children?s choirs usually focus on children learning about their singing voices and singing songs from musicals, like Annie.

Another option to get your child started with music lessons is the piano.? Piano lessons are the most popular option for young children because the piano is an easy instrument to learn theories and basics of music on.? During piano lessons, most teachers will have the student sing along with the songs they?re learning.

Music lessons are a great idea for children because it teaches them about hard work and dedication.? Music lessons are also shown to help children excel in school and enhance their coordination.? There are many instruments that young children are capable of learning (piano and violin), but be wary when enrolling a young child in vocal lessons.

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