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10 Tips for Beginning Acoustic Guitar Players


Some people are able to just pick up an acoustic guitar and instinctively know what to do with it; others might need some tips.

Here are a few tips for beginning acoustic guitar players.


1.? Learn how to fingerpick your guitar and play with a pick. Each technique has its place in the music world.? Finger picking is used more for classical music, while a pick is used more for rock and metal.? Learning both will make you a better acoustic guitar player.

2.? Learn how to change your own strings. Dirt and oil from your fingers break down the strings so it?s very important to change them as they lose their sound.? Washing your hands before you play and cleaning your strings after you play will lengthen the time between changing your strings.

3.? Learn how to use a capo. A capo is a clamp you can apply to different frets of your guitar to change the pitch.

4.? Learn how to tune your acoustic guitar. Playing an out of tune acoustic guitar will be a waste of practice time.

5.? Build up calluses on your fingers. Playing the guitar, especially the acoustic guitar, will hurt your fingers at first, but after a while you?ll build up calluses and the pain will go away.? The more you practice, the quicker you?ll build up calluses.

6.? Stretch and warm up your fingers before you play. Warm ups are important for all instruments to make sure you don?t injure yourself during practice.? Loose stretched fingers will also make for better guitar playing.

7.? Learn the parts of your guitar. Being a good guitar player means knowing the ins and outs of your acoustic guitar.

8.? Don?t over do it. Practicing and playing too much can cause extreme discomfort in your hands and might take some time to recover.

9.? Go to live performances. You can learn a lot by watching professionals play the guitar.? Live performances can teach you new techniques to better your skills.

10. Find a good guitar instructor. While it is possible to learn using books and online tutorials, guitar instructors will be able to give you guided practice and recognize your strengths and weaknesses.? A guitar instructor is a must for beginners.

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