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10 Tips for Your First Recital


Playing your first recital can be nerve-wracking, but it?s a great way to show what you?ve learned and stay motivated with lessons.

Here are a few tips to prepare for your first recital.


Find out what music you?re playing. Some instructors allow you to choose what piece(s) you?d like to play during the recital; other instructors assign pieces.? If allowed to choose your own music, choose a piece that interests you.

Practice! Try to set aside time every day to practice.? Practicing for 15 minutes a day will be more effective than practicing one day for an hour.

Difficulty. Tackle the more difficult pieces you?ll be playing then move onto the easier ones.? Beginning with the harder pieces will give you more time to learn and master them.? After learning the difficult pieces you should master the easier ones in no time.

Warm up. Play through a few easy pieces and your recital piece before the recital.? Don?t over practice right before a recital though or you?ll be tired and make more mistakes.

Play in front of an audience. Practice a few times in front of your family and friends.? This will help you feel more confident playing in front of a larger audience.

Record a practice session. Record yourself, or have someone record you, playing through all your pieces.? Some musicians have bad habits that they do on stage and aren?t aware of them.? Watching yourself play will show you how you will look on stage and you can address any issues before playing in front of an audience.

Rest. Get a good night?s sleep the night before a recital.? You may be too nervous to sleep, but if you?re tired during the recital you might forget a piece or miss a note.

Breath! Many people get nervous in front of an audience and forget to breath.? Practice some breathing techniques before your recital that help calm you down.

Don?t be too hard on yourself. Everyone messes up during his or her first recital.? Usually it?s just a small mistake that only you notice, but the temptation to stop will be there.? If you make a mistake, keep playing like nothing happened.? Remember, this is your first recital; it will go better next time.

Have fun! Playing music shouldn?t be a chore.? Always remember to have fun when playing.? Performers that are having fun have better stage presence than those who are not.

For more tips about the first recital or lessons with Lesson Match, contact us!

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