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10 More Vocal Tips


More ways to keep your vocal cords sounding refreshed and healthy.

1.?? ?Practice slowly and daily to keep your voice in perfect shape.? Practicing too much or trying to learn difficult techniques too quickly could strain your voice.

2.?? ?Drink a warm (not hot) soothing drink in the morning, like an herbal tea.? Anything too hot will cause your neck and throat area to swell, which affects your vocal cords.

3.?? ?Drink lemonade to clear your throat of mucus.? Lemonade is acidic and breaks down any unwanted mucus in your throat so you have a clear crisp singing voice.

4.?? ?Never hold your breath while singing.? It is important to keep air moving through your body.? Different breathing techniques will help you learn to keep breathing.

5.?? ?Never raise or hunch your shoulders when breathing.? Instead, strengthen the muscles in your rib cage and breathe from there.? This allows you to take fuller breaths and breathe longer.

6.?? ?Avoid straining and abusing your voice by knowing when to stop singing.? Never sing to the point of vocal fatigue or your voice could be out of commission for a few days.

7.?? ?Make sure to get enough sleep the night before a performance.? Fatigue will cause strain to your voice or will cause you to revert to bad habits in order to stay awake.? Caffeine and sugary sodas dehydrate the body and should be avoided.

8.?? ?Practice singing in front of a mirror.? This will help you discover any poor posture problems or bad stage habits you might have.

9.?? ?Don?t smoke, scream or talk too much, especially the day of a performance.? You want to rest your vocal cords as much as possible so you don?t overuse or abuse them.

10.?? ?Always practice the basics of singing and breathing to develop your technique.? While practicing the basics you might learn some new techniques to better your singing voice and performance.

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