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Introduce Music to Young Children


Children need music in their lives too!


Young children are inherently curious and open to new experiences.? Parents can use fun activities to introduce music to young children.? If children are introduced to music at a young age, then they?re more likely to be interested in music as they grow up.? Studies show that children who take music lessons perform better on standardized testing and in school.? So, introduce your young child to music and they?ll do better in school.? Here are a few ways to make learning about music fun for children.

Pots and Pans
A great way to introduce music to young children is to teach them about musical concepts by using items found around the house.? Bring out the pots and pans and let your child bang on them with a wooden spoon.? Show them how varying the rhythm and pressure used to hit the pots changes the sound.

Tuned Instruments
Bells, triangles and maracas are great instruments to introduce to young children.? Let your child play with the instrument and explore the different ways they produce sound.? If you have multiple children, have one of them bang on the pots and pans and the other play the triangle and teach them about playing together.

Homemade Instruments
A great activity to teach young children about different types of instruments is to let them make their own out of recycled materials.? Drums, guitars and shakers are instruments that can be easily created using empty containers, rubber bands and other household materials.? Children will have fun making and playing with these instruments.

Listen to Music
Exposing your young children to music from different cultures and periods can get them interested in different types of music.?? Play some different types of music and afterwards ask your child if he/she can identify any of the instruments used in the song.? You can also have your child try to play along to the music with the instrument they made.

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