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Introducing Children to Classical Music


Classical music can introduce children to a whole new world of music, the music that laid the groundwork for all other artists.

Kids? musical preferences are defined by what they hear on the radio or what other kids are listening to.? While most kids have probably heard of composers like Beethoven and Mozart, they don?t know who they are.??

Here are a few ways to introduce children to classical music.


Kids love listening to music, and playtime can be a great time to introduce them to classical music.? Instead of just putting on a song and having your children listen to it while they play, give them the choice of some composers and pieces.? Then, tell your kids a little bit of information about the composer and the piece before playing it.? Eventually your children will develop their own classical music preference and will request specific composers or pieces.

Wake Up
Every morning, my mom would play ?80s music throughout the house and I would wake up hearing the music.? Now, I have a soft spot for ?80s music and still listen to it every morning while I?m getting ready for work.? Instead of playing popular music or a certain genre of music every morning, play classical music.? Songs become popular because of the repletion; if you play classical music over and over again, eventually your children will like it.

When you like a piece of music, chances are, your children will like it to.? Let your children know which composers and pieces are your favorites.? If they like the same pieces as you, introduce them to some similar composers.? Eventually their musical taste will evolve to include classical music.

Kids usually love reading books just as much as they love listening to music, so why not mix the two.? When reading a story to your child, pick a piece of classical music that reflects the emotion or mood of the story and play it in the background like a soundtrack.? Reading stories this way can be a special treat you do once a week, that way your children will look forward to hearing the classical music.

Classical music is where all other artists draw inspiration (whether directly or indirectly) and everyone should be able to enjoy it!

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