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Always Ask a Piano Salesperson These Questions!


A piano is a great instrument to invest in if you’re truly interested in learning it.


If you don?t know a whole lot about pianos or buying pianos, here are a few questions to ask the salesperson that will tell you a lot about the piano you?re buying.


How long since the piano was last tuned?
This is an important question to ask because problems can arise if a piano has gone too long without tuning.? If you purchase a piano that has not been tuned in over a year, be prepared to pay for repairs.

Has it had any serious issues or repairs?

Be sure to ask if the instrumebnt has had any previous problems, special tunings or serious repairs.? Always consider the piano?s ago when asking these questions.? A 40-year-old piano has probably had some work done and might play just fine.? A 10-year-old piano that has had serious repairs done is suspicious and something to watch out for.? If you purchase a beat-up piano, be prepared to pay for repairs and upkeep.

How long has the piano been in its current environment?
Pianos are sensitive to temperature and light; take note of where the it is currently being housed and find out where else it had been before.? A consistent, stable environment out of direct light and humidity is the best place for a piano.? Be cautious if it has ever been housed in a less than desirable climate.

How has the piano been cleaned and maintained?
Pianos are delicate instruments that need to be cleaned with care; otherwise they can suffer interior and exterior damage.? If your buying a used piano, ask how the piano has been cleaned in the past.? If any harsh chemicals have been used on the piano, it could have internal damage.

Who is responsible for moving?
Most piano retailers will help you make arrangements to move the piano.? If you?re buying from a private seller, you will most likely be responsible for moving the piano yourself.? If you have to move the piano yourself, it is important to hire professions to make sure your new piano is not damaged.

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