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More Tips for Choosing the Right Instrument


Which instrument should my child play?

That is a question many parents ask themselves when deciding to enroll their child in music lessons.? Should they rely solely on their child?s request, or listen to the recommendations of others?

There is no ?right? instrument for all children to begin playing, but there are a few things to take into consideration.


The piano and violin are two instruments children as young as four can begin learning.? These instruments are not too big for children, like a guitar would be, and musical concepts can be learned easier on the instruments.? Guitar and drums can be learned around age eight; but vocal lessons should not be taught until the child?s vocal chords are developed (usually no younger than eight-years-old).? Vocal lessons can cause permanent damage if taught too young.

If your child is over the age of eight, then you can ask him/her which instrument they would like to learn.? Take into consideration their musical interests.? If your child likes to listen to rock music, then they would probably enjoy drum or guitar lessons versus saxophone lessons.? Children will often want to mimic their peers and play an instrument simply because one of their friend?s is.? Try to discover what kind of instrument your child would have the most fun learning and present this option to them.

Always remember to think about where you live and what types of lessons you can accommodate.? If you live in an apartment complex, then drum lessons are probably going to upset your neighbors.? Similarly if you have a small house, then a piano or drum set may take up too much space.? Even if you travel elsewhere for lessons, there still needs to be practice time outside of lessons.

It is always important to take into consideration which instrument your child wants to play.? Just because you loved learning to play the guitar does not mean your child will, especially if he/she would rather be playing piano.

As long as your child is mentally and physically capable of learning an instrument, they can choose whatever instrument they would like to play.

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