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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Tips to Extend the Life of Guitar Strings


Overtime, guitar strings will have to be replaced; it?s inevitable.? Natural stretch and wear will require you to replace your guitar strings regularly, but here are a few tips to keep your guitar strings as long as possible.

1.?? ?Wash and thoroughly dry hands before playing.? Washing and drying hands removes oil and buildup from your hands that would otherwise get on the guitar.
2.?? ?Keep away from smoke or smoky places.
3.?? ?Keep hands as dry as possible when playing the guitar.? Wet or sweaty hands will break down the strings and cause them to have to be replaced more often.
4.?? ?Try not to strum or play your guitar too hard (avoid heavy grip on fretting hand and aggressive picking).? Some guitarists have a tendency to play their guitar ?hard? and that wears out the strings faster.
5.?? ?Obviously, the more guitars are played, the more often their strings will need to be replaced.? If you?re not going to be able to change your guitar strings anytime soon, then avoid strumming away for hours on end, otherwise you will have to change your guitar.

Here are a few tips to tell when it is time to change your guitar strings.

1.?? ?When the strings start to look dark or tarnished, the probably should be changed.? Oil and buildup will cause strings to become tarnished and in need of replacement.
2.?? ?When the strings start to sound dull, they?ll need to be changed to keep a nice fresh sound.
3.?? ?If the guitar tone sounds flat, the strings will need to be changed.? Strings are responsible for keeping the sound of your guitar in tune.
4.?? ?If you have a harder time tuning your guitar and getting it to stay in tune, the strings should be changed.
5.?? ?If one string breaks after a long period of time, it?s a good indication that all strings should be changed.? Otherwise, they?ll all start breaking.

Keep your guitar sounding great by taking guitar lessons!

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The Perfect After School Hobby


Why music lessons make the perfect after school hobby.

School has already begun and children might be starting to get restless with their after school routines.? Music lessons are a great way to keep kids busy and out of trouble.? Tighter budgets have forced many schools to cut or severely decrease the funding for music programs.? This means students may no longer have the opportunity to take music as part of their school curriculum.? Music in an important part of childhood development and just because schools have cut the program does not mean children should not have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.? Lesson Match offers private in-home lessons that work during your schedule.? Even if you?re a busy parent, we?ll work with you to schedule a time to bring music into your child?s life.? Here are a few benefits to private music lessons.

Sports and Music
Children who play a musical instrument are shown to have better hand-eye coordination than those who do not.? If your child is interested in playing sports, but does not feel like they have the motor skills necessary to play, enroll them in music lessons.? Music lessons can prepare children for many other activities later in life.

Popular after school activities for many children involve video games.? Children love video games because they have a sense of accomplishment when they reach a new level or overcome an obstacle that had been evading them before.? Learning to play a musical instrument can have the same effect on children.?? Once they master a difficult piece or technique, they will feel a similar sense of achievement to when they were playing video games.

School can be stressful for children and sometimes they just want to come home and relax.? Music can help with their relaxation.? For many people, playing an instrument is a relaxing activity, especially if they?re playing a soothing song.? After a stressful day at school, children can come home and practice the techniques they learned in their music lessons and the stress will melt away.

Keep your kids busy and out of trouble after school by enrolling them in music lessons with Lesson Match.

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10 Drum Tips


Interested in taking drum lessons?? Or do you already play the drums but are looking for some drum tips?

Here are a few tips to refine your technique and keep your drum set sounding great.

1.?? ?Keep your drum clean. Use a can of compressed air to get the dust out of hard to reach places like in between lugs.

2.?? Listen to different kinds of music. This will boost your creativity and allow you to learn new techniques.? The more styles and techniques you can master, the more interesting your sound is.

3.?? ?Warm up. This is important for all instruments including the drums.? Always warm up before lessons, practicing new songs, gigs etc.

4.?? ?Air drums. You don?t always have to have a drum set to practice the drums.? If you?re sitting around bored with nothing to do, play the air drums.? This can help refine patterns and increase your muscle memory.

5.?? Check your form. Make sure you?re using correct form for optimum sound.? Are you holding the sticks at best place?? Are you hitting the drums straight up and down?

6.?? ?Stick twirling. All crowds love stick twirling and it?s a great form of showmanship.? If you don?t know how to twirl your drumsticks, there are how-to videos all over the Internet.

7.?? Learn to read music. Even if you are able to play the drums perfectly without reading music, reading music is a great way to expand your ability.? Reading music allows you to read a song out of a book and be able to play it without having to continually take drum lessons.

8.?? ?Write down what works for you. Keep a log of practice techniques that work for you.? You can also write down ideas that you?ve heard about and want to try.? Keeping all these ideas together will assure you don?t forget about them and they are readily accessible.

9.?? ?Record/Videotape yourself playing. This will help you understand your form and see things you cannot see when you?re playing.? Do you have a snarl on your face when you play?? Is your snare drum titled?

10.?? ?Take lessons. While it may seem like you can learn anything online these days, there are things that will be easier for you to learn from an instructor.? Drum instructors have been where you are and may have some helpful practice tips and techniques.

For more information about drum lessons with Lesson Match, call us at 612-460-7653.

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