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The Perfect After School Hobby


Why music lessons make the perfect after school hobby.

School has already begun and children might be starting to get restless with their after school routines.? Music lessons are a great way to keep kids busy and out of trouble.? Tighter budgets have forced many schools to cut or severely decrease the funding for music programs.? This means students may no longer have the opportunity to take music as part of their school curriculum.? Music in an important part of childhood development and just because schools have cut the program does not mean children should not have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.? Lesson Match offers private in-home lessons that work during your schedule.? Even if you?re a busy parent, we?ll work with you to schedule a time to bring music into your child?s life.? Here are a few benefits to private music lessons.

Sports and Music
Children who play a musical instrument are shown to have better hand-eye coordination than those who do not.? If your child is interested in playing sports, but does not feel like they have the motor skills necessary to play, enroll them in music lessons.? Music lessons can prepare children for many other activities later in life.

Popular after school activities for many children involve video games.? Children love video games because they have a sense of accomplishment when they reach a new level or overcome an obstacle that had been evading them before.? Learning to play a musical instrument can have the same effect on children.?? Once they master a difficult piece or technique, they will feel a similar sense of achievement to when they were playing video games.

School can be stressful for children and sometimes they just want to come home and relax.? Music can help with their relaxation.? For many people, playing an instrument is a relaxing activity, especially if they?re playing a soothing song.? After a stressful day at school, children can come home and practice the techniques they learned in their music lessons and the stress will melt away.

Keep your kids busy and out of trouble after school by enrolling them in music lessons with Lesson Match.

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