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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Teacher Spotlight-Eli Elstad


Since starting with Lesson Match about a year ago, we have heard nothing but great things from parents about bass instructor Eli Elstad.

Eli plays bass and guitar and is a very talented musician.? He currently plays guitar in a band and loves sharing his knowledge and techniques with new students.? Here is what one mother had to say about her son?s bass lessons with Eli.

“My 13-year old son takes bass lessons from Eli and really enjoys learning the bass with him.? Eli is laid-back and is very knowledgeable.? Jack looks forward to his lesson each week and seems to be learning the basics after roughly one month of lessons.? Eli provides one-on-one attention and does a great job teaching.? He is professional, comes prepared and does a good job of connecting with our son and the rest of the family.

We love the fact that he comes to our home and we can get some things done around the house while he teaches, plus I can hear the improvements on a week-by-week basis.? I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a bass instructor.”

-Peg from Minnesota

For more information about Eli and bass lessons, check out his profile or call Lesson Match at 612-460-7653.

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10 Reasons to Give a Musical Instrument as a Gift


An Instrument makes the perfect gift!

Having trouble deciding on a gift for someone this Holiday season?? Give them a musical instrument!? Many people are interested in learning an instrument but either do not have that instrument or just haven?t taken the steps to begin learning to play.

Here are some reasons why a musical instrument could make the perfect gift.


1.? Cost. Buying a used instrument or music lessons for someone is not as expensive as you may think.? A used instrument could be the perfect way to turn someone on to music so they will want to invest in a higher quality instrument.? Click here for some tips about buying used instruments.

2.? Bonding. You?ll often hear that someone comes from a ?musical family? and that?s because people bond over shared interests.? Families that can play or learn instruments together will naturally bond over the shared interest.

3.? Depression. Studies show that music affects people?s moods.? Keep your family?s spirits up by giving them music lessons.

4.? Age. It?s a myth that you have to learn to play instruments while you?re young.? While it may be easier to retain information at a young age, adults have the discipline and attention span necessary for learning an instrument.? You?re never too old to learn to play an instrument.

5.? Caroling. Do you have friends or family that love to go Christmas caroling?? This year, get them music lessons so they will be the talk of the town with their vocal talent.

6.? Nostalgia. Many people have a certain instrument they associate with their childhood.? Whether they loved listening to jazz or their grandpa played the guitar, they probably have some pastime that involves music.? The gift of memories could be the perfect gift this year.

7.? Regret. Odds are if you know people that do not play an instrument, they wish they did.? Make those regrets a thing of the past by giving them an instrument for Christmas this year.

8.? Stress. Music and playing an instrument are shown to fight off stress.? Music is often associated with relaxation.? If you know someone who gets stressed out easily, give him/her an instrument and watch the stress melt away.

9.? Value. All gifts have a different value to the receiver.? While your kids might request certain gifts within this year?s fad, an instrument could be the gift they didn?t know they wanted.? The gift of music is one that lasts a lifetime.

10.? Want. Give someone an instrument for Christmas because they asked for it and they want it.? It may seem like a big investment, but if people want to learn an instrument, they will.

This year, give someone the gift of music by giving them an instrument.

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10 Songs to Set the Holiday Mood


The Holidays are right around the corner and who doesn?t love to be festive.

One of my favorite things to do around the holidays is bake cookies with my sisters, drink hot apple cider (or hot chocolate) and listen to Holiday songs.

Here is a list of some of my favorite songs to listen to around the holidays.


1. ?White Christmas? by Bing Crosby.? For me, this song epitomizes Christmas and the holidays.? Living in Minnesota, I love a snowy white Christmas and this song paints a beautiful picture of the perfect white Christmas.

2. ?Carol Of The Bells? by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.? This instrumental song, originally by Ukrainian Composer Mykola Dmytrovych Leontovych, has been covered by countless groups and still remains a classic.? My favorite version is by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

3. ?I?ll Be Home For Christmas? by Elvis Presley.? Originally sung by another one of my favorites, Bing Crosby, this song epitomizes love and the importance of family on the holidays.

4. ?All I Want For Christmas Is You? by Mariah Carey.? This song makes the list because it?s my sisters all time favorite.? She plays and sings this song year round.

5. ?The Christmas Song? by Nat King Cole.? This is arguably one of the most recognizable songs and listening to it has become a holiday tradition for me.? I grew up listening to this song around the holidays and it always makes me cheerful.

6. ?The Chanukah Song? by Adam Sandler.? This song is a nice comic relief from the serious material usually covered in holiday songs.

7. ?Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas? by Judy Garland.? This is my favorite song on the list, although I prefer the revised, happier lyrics.

8. ?Silent Night? by anyone.? This classic Christmas carol has been recorded by hundreds of artists and is played over and over again on the radio during the holidays

9. ?Baby It?s Cold Outside? by anyone. This song debuted in 1948 and has since been sung by many artists and I love the various interpretations and depictions of the song,

10. ?Santa Clause Is Coming To Town? by The Jackson 5.? This is another holiday song I grew up listening to and reminds me of my childhood holidays.? It?s a nostalgic song for me that no Christmas can be without.

Let us know which songs are your favorite to listen to around the holidays!

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Teacher Spotlight-Wendy Pace


Piano instructor, Wendy, has only been with Lesson Match for a short amount of time, but already parents are raving about her dedication to music and learning.

Wendy was raised around music and loves sharing her musical talent with others.? Here is what one mother had to say about her son?s piano lessons with Wendy:

?Wendy has been instructing our son for about 3 months now and we are very pleased with her.? She has a good way with kids and is very positive and encouraging.? Our son likes the one-on-one attention she gives him through the exploratory games and rhythm exercises.? I learned piano the old fashioned way ? and I wasn?t sure how the new method worked, but have been very pleased with how excited he is about his lessons each week.? Wendy is friendly, upbeat and makes the lessons fun and exciting.? We have seen improvement in his musical acumen over just a few short weeks.? She is professional, comes prepared and connects well with the rest of the family.? We love the fact that she comes to our house and I can get some things done around the house while she teaches.? I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a piano teacher.?

-Peg from Minnesota

For more information about Wendy and piano lessons, check out her profile or call Lesson Match at 612-460-7653.

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Give the Gift of Music!

xmas tree

Lesson Match music lessons make perfect gifts!

It?s that time of year again.? Time to call your relatives and figure out what they want for Christmas.? For most people, that means throwing on your winter coat and driving all the way to the mall on a busy Saturday in December.? If you?ve ever gone Christmas shopping on a weekend in December, then you know what a nightmare it is.? This year give the gift of music, rather than a traditional gift.

Here are some reasons why music lessons from Lesson Match make the perfect Christmas gift:


Holiday promotions! Now through December 31st, Lesson Match is offering discounted prices- half off the set up fee and first lesson for free!

Hate driving to the mall in the snow? Well, with a Lesson Match gift certificate, you don?t have to leave the comfort of your own home!? Just pick up the phone; let us know what kind of music lessons you?re looking for and we?ll take care of the rest!

Don?t know what to buy your extremely busy niece or nephew? Lesson Match was designed to fit the schedule of busy individuals.? Our instructors work with your busy schedule to find a time that works best for you.? Best of all, Lesson Match instructors come to your home, so lessons can be squeezed into a busy schedule right before dinner.

Do your children love singing along to the radio? Or aspire to be a rock star?? If so, then music lessons could be the perfect gift.? Many of our music instructors are or have been in bands and can give helpful tips to aspiring musicians.? Music lessons could help give your little musician the confidence he or she needs to make it big.

This year, instead of a toy or sweater, give someone the gift of music lessons.? Music is a gift that will stay with them for a lifetime.

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