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10 Reasons to Give a Musical Instrument as a Gift


An Instrument makes the perfect gift!

Having trouble deciding on a gift for someone this Holiday season?? Give them a musical instrument!? Many people are interested in learning an instrument but either do not have that instrument or just haven?t taken the steps to begin learning to play.

Here are some reasons why a musical instrument could make the perfect gift.


1.? Cost. Buying a used instrument or music lessons for someone is not as expensive as you may think.? A used instrument could be the perfect way to turn someone on to music so they will want to invest in a higher quality instrument.? Click here for some tips about buying used instruments.

2.? Bonding. You?ll often hear that someone comes from a ?musical family? and that?s because people bond over shared interests.? Families that can play or learn instruments together will naturally bond over the shared interest.

3.? Depression. Studies show that music affects people?s moods.? Keep your family?s spirits up by giving them music lessons.

4.? Age. It?s a myth that you have to learn to play instruments while you?re young.? While it may be easier to retain information at a young age, adults have the discipline and attention span necessary for learning an instrument.? You?re never too old to learn to play an instrument.

5.? Caroling. Do you have friends or family that love to go Christmas caroling?? This year, get them music lessons so they will be the talk of the town with their vocal talent.

6.? Nostalgia. Many people have a certain instrument they associate with their childhood.? Whether they loved listening to jazz or their grandpa played the guitar, they probably have some pastime that involves music.? The gift of memories could be the perfect gift this year.

7.? Regret. Odds are if you know people that do not play an instrument, they wish they did.? Make those regrets a thing of the past by giving them an instrument for Christmas this year.

8.? Stress. Music and playing an instrument are shown to fight off stress.? Music is often associated with relaxation.? If you know someone who gets stressed out easily, give him/her an instrument and watch the stress melt away.

9.? Value. All gifts have a different value to the receiver.? While your kids might request certain gifts within this year?s fad, an instrument could be the gift they didn?t know they wanted.? The gift of music is one that lasts a lifetime.

10.? Want. Give someone an instrument for Christmas because they asked for it and they want it.? It may seem like a big investment, but if people want to learn an instrument, they will.

This year, give someone the gift of music by giving them an instrument.

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