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10 Guitar Tips For All Guitar Players


Whether you?re new to the guitar or are stuck in a musical rut, here are some tips to help you become a better musician.

1.Always try to learn something new every day! Learning a new chord or technique will help expand your musical ability and range.

2.Go dancing! Good dancers have excellent rhythm, which is also necessary for musicians.

3.When you hear a song you like, first try to play it before looking it up on a search engine. The more you do this, the better your musical ear will become and eventually you?ll be able to tab a song in no time.

4.Relax! Stress isn?t good for any situation. Try to stay calm and focused when practicing or playing a gig.

5.Experiment with different guitars. Just because you?re still playing the first guitar you ever picked up, doesn?t mean that it?s the best guitar for you. Try a few different guitars and see if a different one calls to you.

6.Toughen up your fingers! This can?t happen in one day; all you?ll do then is injure your fingers. Take some time and work on creating calluses and toughening up your fingers. This will make it possible for you to play longer.

7.Experiment with different types of guitars as well. If you play the acoustic, try an electric. Similarly if you play an electric, try an acoustic. You?ll become a much more versatile guitar player if you can play both.

8.Learn new songs. Pick new songs that have something a little different about them; try to expand your range.

9.Take proper care of your instrument. Change the strings when they are worn out, always ensure your instrument is properly tuned etc.

10.Talk to other guitar players and see if they have any insights. All guitar players have methods that work best for them. Maybe someone you know has a new approach you?ve never thought about. It?s always good to converse with other players and swap stories. You never know what you may learn.

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