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Common Mistakes Piano Students Make When Practicing


There’s a reason many piano students quit before learning the basics of piano; they become bored and uninterested.

Here are a few common mistakes piano students make when practicing.

1. Not actually practicing.? This is a common mistake because practicing the piano may not seem high on your or your children?s lists of things to do.? If your kids are also involved in sports practices, school clubs and have homework, practicing the piano may not seem feasible.? It may be a struggle to find time for your kids to practice at first, but once they begin to really enjoy playing, they will make time to practice.

2. Practicing what you already know.? It may be fun to play through songs or chords you are already familiar with, but what are you really learning?? This habit is common because students get excited with the result of progress with the piano and continue to play what they just learned.? This is often followed by boredom and discouragement.? Make it your goal to try something new during each practice session to keep things interesting.

3. Learning parts of a piece well and not the rest.? This mistake is common because as students try to play through a piece of music, they will stumble towards the middle and start over.? Eventually you have the beginning of the piece down, but are continuing to make the same mistakes in the middle.? Instead of always starting at the beginning of a piano piece, work on parts that you?re having trouble with.

4. Practice isn?t fun.? When learning something new there is always a certain amount of effort required, this goes for musical instruments as well.? Instead of trying to squeeze practice time in, set aside specific time for it.? Create a comfortable practice space and use it as relaxation time.? Keep in your mind that as the more you practice, the better you will get and the more fun practicing and playing will be.

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