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Welcome Elliott Roche on Guitar!


Elliott Roche was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN and started playing drums at the age of 8. When he was around 14, he and his friends were inspired by the music they were listening to and wanted to learn how that music was made. They started taking lessons, saving up for musical equipment, practicing and trying to come up with ideas together to form a band. Eventually, they felt they were ready to play a gig when a friend asked them to play her house party. So they practiced other people’s songs, and a few of their own, and played in front of people for the first time. Some of the band members liked playing in front of other people and some didn?t, but they were all happy to learn how music was made; and most of them continue to learn today. Over the years band members came and went but Elliott wanted to play music whether he had people to play with or not, so the guitar became his instrument of choice. At age 21, Elliott received an offer to play in Mexico, two shows a day, seven days a week for a tourist bar for three months.? He get put up in a hotel and paid a little. He did this and learned that he liked the musician life.? So he did some networking, found other places to play and ended up staying for the better part of two and a half years. He returned in the spring of 2009 and regularly plays gigs here (sometimes solo, sometime with his band “The Cheap Thrills”) at venues including, the Fine Line, Marquette University, the Uptown Art Fair, the Turf Club and many more.

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