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Lesson Match Introduces James Whatton on Guitar and Bass!


James Whatton has studied both Guitar and Bass at Music Tech, where he received many accolades for his knowledge in music theory and performance.? Continuing his education, he has been studying privately with various renowned teachers over the past 13 years, including the likes of Anthony Cox, Bobby Stanton and Scott Fraser.? After Graduating from Music Tech, he moved out to Portland, Oregon and started playing in the rock band Slow Bus.? After playing numerous venues and festivals out west and a short stint in San Francisco playing in an acoustic duo, he headed back to the Midwest where he has called home for the past 10 years.? Once back in Minneapolis, he played in well-received Minneapolis bands (Boku Maru, Triage, Hallaballoo and Gypsy Rogues) as well as his current band Bitter Roots, in which he plays guitar and sings.? Bitter Roots can be seen playing at such places as The Whiskey Junction and The Cabooze.? You can also see him playing bass in the band Shirts and Skins at numerous venues in the area.

He has been teaching Guitar and Bass lessons for over a decade and is a creative music teacher with experience in developing a student?s interest and abilities in music through creating a supportive environment in which each individual can learn. His passion is music; he found this out at a young age and you can see it in his playing.? It?s his desire to help others with the same passion to find their voice in music.

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