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Practice Without Picking Up An Instrument


Learn how to practice your instrument when you don’t have it with you! Learning an instrument and becoming a musician is as much mental as it is physical (if not more).?

That means you can ?practice your instrument? wherever you are.

Concepts and Techniques.? In music, there are many concepts and techniques that need to be memorized, and this is possible to master without using your instrument.
??? ?Ear training
??? ?Rhythm
??? ?Harmony

Visualize.? Whenever you?re bored or have some downtime (and you don?t have your instrument), mentally visualize your instrument and play it.? Try to visualize your fingers actually pushing down the notes or plucking the guitar strings.? This may sound silly, but it can be an effective technique if you?re serious about it.

Remembering to Practice.? Remembering to mentally practice can be difficult, especially at first.? Try to pick something you do often throughout the day (taking a drink of water, doing a specific task etc.) and use that to remind yourself to practice.? If you pick one simple thing to practice (humming a note, visualizing a chord etc.) every time you hang up your phone for a week, eventually you?ll have mastered it.

Listen.? Music surrounds us in our daily lives; it?s everywhere from grocery stores to elevators.? Listen to the music playing and study it.? Try to listen for a concept you?ve been working on or find the harmony.? This will fine tune your musical ear and enhance your playing.

These simple tips get rid of any excuses you might have about how you?re too busy to practice.

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