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Vocal Performance Tips


Performing in front of an audience can be nerve-wracking, but the rush felt after a performance, during the applause is unbeatable.? The key to a great performance is confidence.

If you?re nervous about a performance, here are a few tips to fake confidence.

1. Eye Contact.? Maintaining eye contact with the audience helps the performer to appear more confident.? In everyday life, when you?re nervous, it?s difficult to maintain eye contact with someone you?re nervous around.? There?s also nothing worse for the audience than watching a nervous performer staring at the floor.

2. Enunciate.? Do you ever listed to a song at a concert and realize you have no idea what they?re saying.? It?s difficult to enunciate every word on stage, especially when you?re nervous, but the audience loves to hear lyrics.? If the lyrics are audible, then by the end of the song, the audience might be singing along with you.

3. Convey Emotion.? Performing in front of an audience is a lot like acting. Actors wouldn?t smile the whole time if they were acting in drama or tragedy. Similarly, if you?re performing a dark and somber song, try to convey the emotion to the audience.? The best performances are the ones the audience can feel and relate to.

4. High Energy.? Last summer, I went to two concerts; the first artist stood behind the microphone and sang beautifully, the second had back up dancers and was moving around as much as possible (without being distracting).? While I prefer the first artist?s music on the radio, in person the second concert was much more fun.? I loved the energy the artist was conveying.? You could tell she was enjoying performing and fed off the audience.

Even if you are nervous during the performance, the audience can help you out.? Try to appear confident and the audience will respond.? Eventually you won?t be pretending to be confident, you actually will be.

All of our vocal instructors at Lesson Match have amazing stage presence and great performance tips.

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