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10 Foods and Drinks Not to Consume Before a Vocal Performance


Eating before a performance (not right before) is definitely necessary. You don?t want to be on stage hungry under hot bright lights and get lightheaded.

However, there are definitely a few food and drinks to avoid a few hours (or the day) before a performance.

1. Milk! Milk tops the list of drinks to not consume before a performance because milk is thick. Milk causes phlegm and mucus in your throat, which will lead to coughing and clearing your throat while on stage.

2. Carbonated beverages. Stick clear of carbonation right before a performance because carbonation fills your stomach with air and irritates it. Most singers stick with water before, during and after a performance.

3. Citrus fruit or juices. Citrus fruit is highly acidic which can not only cause un upset stomach, but will dry your throat out. Have you ever had orange juice when you had a sore throat and felt the burn? That is definitely not good for vocal cords.

4. Anything ice-cold. Most people know that heat expands and cold contracts and this goes for your body too. If you drink a glass of ice water right before a performance, it can constrict your throat making it difficult to sing and have a great performance.

5. Spicy foods. Spicy foods are a throat and stomach irritants.

6. Alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates your body and your throat. You wont be able to perform to the best of your abilities if you?re dehydrated. That?s why performers always have water with them during a performance.

7. Heavy food. Heavy foods are ones that make you feel full, like high carbohydrate fobs because they will make breathing techniques more difficult to do.

8. Caffeinated drinks. Caffeine dries out your throat and mouth and should be avoided before a performance.

9. Peanut butter or any other dry foods. Like I said above, hydration is vital to a great singing performance. Peanut butter and crackers are dry foods and will only dry out your mouth and throat.

10. You know your body, so stay away from food that irritate, dehydrate or upset your throat and body.

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