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Benefits Of In Home Music Lessons


Parents interested in signing their children up for music lessons, may have a difficult decision to make as to whether or not to travel to a studio for lessons or to have in home music lessons.

Here are some of the benefits of in home music lessons.

1.? Probably the most obvious benefit is convenience.? It?s incredibly convenient to have an instructor come to your home for a half hour (or however long the lesson is) to teach a lesson and then leave.? In home music lessons can be squeezed in right after school before homework, or between homework and dinner, the possibilities are ended.? In home music lessons are ideal for busy parents that don?t have the time to waste 20+ minutes driving to and from lessons.

2.? Parents can become involved.? Typically in a studio, the student and teacher are the only people in the room.? With in home music lessons, parents can observe and learn tips to help their child practice.

3.? Students retain information better when they are able to practice and have lessons in the same designated area.? That way they are able to visualize the lesson and revert to that during practice time.

4.? Students are always prepared for in home music lessons.? Think about all the times you are rushing to get somewhere and you forget something.? This happens all the time with studio lessons.? Parents and students are rushing to get to the lesson and a lesson book or part of the instrument is forgotten at home.? This would never happen with in home music lessons because all the materials are at the lesson area.

5.? In home music lessons may seem more expensive, but are they really?? Think about the time and gas money it takes to drive to the studio, drop off your student, drive around until the lesson is finished (unless you?d like to wait bored at the studio for the duration of the lesson), then drive back to the studio to pick up the student and finally drive home.? In home lessons cost a little more in the beginning, but think about the gas money you?ll be saving by not having to drive anywhere? (especially if you drive an SUV).

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