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Is Karaoke Bad for a Singing Voice?


At one point in most people?s lives, they?ll be forced to get up at an event and sing karaoke.

For some people this is an incredibly enjoyable activity?usually for the people who either don?t care what others think or have an awesome singing voice (that?s where singing lessons come in).? For other, karaoke is a terrifying experience and they would prefer to sit on the sidelines and watch (click for some performance tips).? The main question people will ask about karaoke is, ?how was my singing??, most people don?t even think to ask if karaoke is bad for them?

Here are some ways to be sure karaoke does not damage your singing voice.

1.? Warm up!? A professional singer would never go to a gig, let alone practice, without warming up first.? Performers must practice before singing or serious damage can occur to their vocal cords.? If you aren?t able to warm up at the club, take a few minutes before leaving for the night and warm up your singing voice.? A quick pre-outing warm up would be working on breathing techniques and then singing through some scales.

2.? Keep hydrated!? Drink plenty of water the day of your karaoke outing as well as at the event.? Water is the best way to keep yourself hydrated and your vocal cords need the liquid to keep lubricated in order to sing.? It?s fine to drink alcohol during a karaoke event, but make sure to keep a glass of water near by (remember alcohol dehydrates you).

3.? Rest!? Take a break between songs and listen to the other performers.? Resist the urge to hoot and holler at the other performers.? Yelling and even talking after a performance is not advised, as your voice needs a rest.

For more karaoke or singing tips, call Lesson Match to speak with a vocal instructor.

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