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Simple Ways to Introduce Children to Music


Children love learning about new things, it?s part of being a kid.

Parents can effortlessly introduce their children to music in a way that makes it fun for them.

Here are a few things to try as a family, to introduce children to the world of music.

1.?Listen to music in the car.? Help shape your child?s music tastes by playing different types of music around them (including classical).? Play a different type of music each time you?re in the car.? Eventually they will grow to love all kinds of music.

2.?Take them to concerts.? Children love adventures and new things, so take them to a concert for the time and make it a big deal.? Get dressed up and go to dinner before, maybe explaining the premise of the concert/musical.? Then stop on the way home after the concert for a snack and see what your child thought of the performance.? What was their favorite piece?? Was there anything they really liked or didn?t like?? Many student and community groups put on free concerts, so this doesn?t have to be a costly event.

3.?Have your child play in front of people.? At holidays or other events, have your child play something they are confident playing.? Everyone loves entertainment and this will give your child a great confidence boost and help him/her overcome any stage fright.

4.?Have a musical movie night.? Go out and rent one of your favorite musicals and introduce it to your family.? Then make some popcorn and get the whole family together for a movie night.? This will create the sense that music is family time and will introduce your children to a whole new kind of cinema.

There are tons of other ways to introduce children to music, just make it fun!

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