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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Why Summer Music Lessons are a Great Idea!


Summer is a time when children can run free without any obligations.? They have the much-needed time from school to play and re-energize for the upcoming school year.? However, this free time does not need to be spent with mindless activities!? Kids can learn and have fun at the same time by enrolling in summer music lessons!

Here are 5 reasons to take summer music lessons.

Fun Hobby! After a while, kids will get bored without structure in the summer.? Music lessons can be a weekly activity to keep kids occupied and give them something to look forward to.? Practice time will also keep them busy when it?s too hot or rainy to play outside.

Get Ahead. For students who struggle to keep up during the school year, summer can be the perfect time to take private lessons and get ahead of the game.

Fun. Parents can talk to instructors about making summer lessons a little more relaxed than school lessons.? The lessons can have more play time rather than a strict schedule to make sure the kids have fun and do not want to take a break for the summer.

Skill Maintenance. By postponing lessons for the summer (typically 3 months), students can lose some of the skills they acquired the previous year.? Summer music lessons make sure that kids are picking up their instrument at least once a week.

Garage Bands. With so much free time in the summer, kids will naturally meet up with their friends and do group activities.? If all their friends are able to play an instrument then they could form a band.? Music lessons will help ready students to play with groups of people and enhance their performance skills.? On the plus side, many of our instructors are in bands themselves and could have a few words of wisdom for prospective rockstars!

There are plenty more reasons to enroll in summer music lessons, including a love of music!

Keep your kids busy and enjoying the summer by getting them in-home music lessons!

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Welcome Amy Chin on the Piano!

amy chin

Our newest piano instructor!

Amy has been playing the piano most of her life and was so intrigued by the instrument that she decided to study the piano professionally.? In May 2012, Amy earned her Master?s degree in Music Performance (piano) from Minnesota State University at Mankato.

Amy began teaching piano to grade school students in 2006.? Since then, she has taught students of all ages with varying skill levels.? During her time at MNSU, she worked with instructors to tutor her piano peers, taught piano lessons to students on campus and worked as an Accompanist for school and local choirs. All of Amy’s students have raved about her talents as an instructor!

Amy has received countless awards and honors for her exquisite piano talent and is excited to share her gift with others.

If you?re interested in having Amy as your piano instructor, contact Lesson Match today!

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Summer Music Lessons


Summer is here and Lesson Match wants to help you enroll your children in in-home music lessons!

Summer is a great time to relax and take a break from school and other academic activities.? It?s also a time when kids are bored with nothing to occupy their time!? In-home music lessons are a great way to keep kids busy and out of trouble.

Studies show that music lessons not only expose children to other cultures, but also can help with their academic success.?? There is a correlation between music lessons and higher scores in math, reading and on standardized tests! A great way to keep children occupied, without worrying that they’re up to no good, is to get them interested in a beneficial hobby.

This summer, if you?ve already exhausted all ways to keep kids busy, sign them up with private in-home music lessons! Private in-home music lessons make learning easy for the busy parents and bored children.

Lesson Match has excellent instructors that specialize in making in-home music lessons fun for kids!

Contact us today for more information about in-home music lessons!

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