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10 Tips to be an Environmentally Friendly Musician


More and more artists are raising awareness about the importance in being environmentally friendly.

There are many ways for musicians to become environmentally friendly and below are some tips.

1. If you tour often, odds are you go through lots of water bottles!? Instead of buying new water bottles each time, reuse the ones you have.? Better yet, buy a refillable water bottle (ex: Nalgene).

2. Turn off lights and other electronics!? When you?re not using an amp, light or other electronic, turn it off.

3. Use digital sheet music or download music to a laptop or ipad.? Then you don?t waste paper by printing out each new song you would like to play.

4. Write songs about the environment to raise awareness about the benefits of being a ?green? musician.

5. Buy music online instead of driving to the store to purchase a packaged CD.

6. Get involved in the communities you?re touring by donating part of your profits to groups you support in the area.

7. Use rechargeable batteries for equipment and even tour bus amenities!

8. Recycle your own garbage, but also let your fans know the importance of recycling.? When you?re on stage, make sure to point out recycling bins and let your fans know you care about the environment.

9. Encourage your fans to carpool to your shows.? One way to do this could be to reduce ticket prices to all fans that come to your show in larger groups.

10. Make sure your whole band is embracing being environmentally friendly.? Just one person can make a difference, but you can encourage band members and friends to join you in your efforts.

For more information about becoming an environmentally friendly musician, contact Lesson Match!

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