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Common Mistakes Guitar Students Make When Practicing


Learning to play the guitar can be difficult, especially if you aren?t practicing correctly. Different teachers will usually swear by different techniques, which are fine if that?s how they teach best, but practice techniques are pretty universal.

Here are some common mistakes beginning guitar students make.

Playing out of tune. The first thing you should learn to do as a guitarist is learn to learn your guitar! If you start out learning your guitar when it is not in tune, then you will become accustomed to that sound and will not even know that you are practicing incorrectly. Your guitar should always be in tune so your ear can learn what every note and chord sounds like.

Overwhelming yourself. When you?ve just learned a bunch of new techniques, you might feel the need to practice them all at once. This is especially true with new students who want to learn everything all at once. Trying to learn everything right away can cause frustration with your instrument and lead to giving up. Take things slow and pick a few new things to practice during each session, then add in a few things you already know to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Losing patience. This goes with the mistake above if you?re trying to learn everything all at once. Some new students will be so eager to master this new instrument that they forget it takes time to learn something new. All students need to have patience with their instrument; it?s normal to feel like you?re not progressing or hitting a plateau, but eventually you will progress if you keep practicing.

Playing beyond your ability. It?s easy for students to progress quickly and think they are ready to take on more difficult pieces. Some weeks beginning guitar students will progress faster than others, but this does not mean you can skip all the basics. Learning the basics and mastering techniques is essential to become a great guitar player.

A great way to make sure you’re practicing correctly is to take lessons and learn from an experienced guitarist how to practice.

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