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Finding the Perfect Private Music Teacher


Finding the perfect private music teacher is crucial to a student?s success with that instrument.? For new students, sometimes learning an instrument can be frustrating.? Music teachers need to be able to keep students on track and motivate them, even when the student is frustrated.

Here are some traits to look for in a private music teacher.

1. Consistency.? Weekly lessons during the same time slot helps the student create a routine.? If the teacher is constantly changing the lesson time, the student can easily forget lessons and techniques.? Don?t worry if every once and a while you need to reschedule a lesson, but for the most part lessons should be consistent.
2. Communication.? All good teachers will communicate the student?s progress with the parents.? If there is a technique the student should be focusing more on during practice time, the parents should be aware of this.
3. Standards.? Private music teachers should always be challenging their students.? If the student is not being challenged or is being taught below their skill level, they will lose focus, plateau and eventually develop a bad taste for music.? It may seem like the teacher is being difficult on the student, but challenge is necessary for progress.
4. Student?s Needs.? Most students have an idea of what they would like to get out of music lessons when they enroll.? A good private music teacher will work with the student to make sure his/her needs and wants are being addressed.? If students are not having fun, they will get bored and want to quit lessons.
5. Relationship.? Students should be able to build a bond with their music teacher.? If after a couple months of lessons your student still feels like his/her private music teacher is a stranger, then something is not right.? It?s natural for relationships to form from learning an activity and spending time together.? Students should look forward to seeing their instructor and having lessons each week.

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